Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Natural Blood Tonic

Ugu or Fluted pumpkin is known scientifically as Telfaira occidentalis. This tropical vine plant grows edible vegetable as well as delicious fruits. It is well known in west africa and highly consumed in that sub region. The vegetable is very nutricious and can be prepared to give short-term norishment to the body. It has long been discovered that when consumed without destroying its essential ingredents, it has the capacity to increase the red blood cells within a short time after consumption. The rate at which it increases the red corpusules can be enhanced further by mixing it with mineral beverages. If you are lacking blood or feeling weak or dizzy you might like to use this natural method to increase your blood cells and live happier and heathier. Remember, our mission is health for all at no cost using mostly natural means. Why must we use natural preventive or curative measures? Simply bear in mind that anything natural has no side effect. All medications have side effect either immediately after consumption or at long run; but Natural herbs or means have no side effect. Even when you abuse the use of a natural substance, if there is a reaction due to the abuse, the effects gradually go away and the consumer becomes well again. While with chemically compiled medication the possiblility would be permanent effect on the patient which at some times might lead to dissability. If you need the recipe and proceedure for preparing instant blood tonic with Ugu please contact us @ we will be glad to help you